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Dietitian Ruchika is a qualified Dietitian in Delhi who has completed her Degree in Foods and Nutrition from Delhi University. She has done internship at INDRAPRASTHA APOLLO HOSPITAL, DELHI  and conducted various health camps.She is working as a freelancer and love to help those who are fighting themselves for their lifestyle disorder. Her interest lies in Therapeutic nutrition with weight management.She deals with more than 200 clients.

She believes in "KARMA" and says  Eat Nutritious,Do workout,Be Patient--Your body will REWARD You .

Swasthya mantra diet clinic will help you to nourish your body with real, whole foods so that you are consistently satisfied and energized to live life to the fullest.

This E-clinic is a perfect platform for you whether you are a school going kid,college going girl/boy,working with a tight schedule in an office or a home maker you can still avail online services through email/phone and get the customized diet chart.

She provides diet consultation/chart for Weight loss,weight gain,cholesterol management,Diabetes management,Thyroid management,Diet for kidney disease and cancer patient.





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    10 simple weight loss Tips

    By: Ruchika .

    Easy to follow weight loss tips 1. Don’t starve yourself –Rather than not eating anything or on fasting, people should eat small frequent meals. 2. Eat proteins daily-Include protein rich food in your diet on daily basis that give satiety or feeling of fullness to maintain healthy weight. Some protein rich sources are milk and milk products, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes, pulses etc. 3. Eat fiber rich diet-Fiber gives bulk to the food and maintains hunger pangs which helps to burn fat in the body. 4. Be hydrated-Drink at least  8-10 glasses of water ,Simple RO water is recommended  over other drinks such as-fruit juices, soft drinks, hard drinks. 5. Include green tea-drink green tea daily to help in losing weight and it will helps in water retention also. 6. Choose carbohydrate wisely-choose complex CHO over simple CHO to lose weight. 7. Choose unsaturated fat over saturated fat for cooking. For example-choose olive,rice bran oil over ghee, butter. 8. Avoid processed ,fatty food. 9. Limit the intake of sugar and salt especially at the night. 10. Do  30 minutes walk after every meal.

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    Stress buster foods-what are they??

    By: Ruchika .

    Stress buster foods-what are they??   Stress-we’ve all felt it. We are doing multiple work every day that make our body react and feel some stress. Reducing your stress levels can not only make you feel better but may also protect your health long-term. Here is some list of foods which helps to prevent stress:- Vitamin C-Vit C can curb levels of stress hormones ,According to one study Cortisol (stress hormone) return to normal more quickly when one took Vitamin C after any stressful work. Complex Carbohydrate-Such as Whole grain, wheat pasta, oats are digested slowly and control stress hormones. Omega 3 fatty acids-Some rich source of omega 3 are fish, walnuts, flaxseeds-Can prevent to produce stress hormones and mood disorders like depression. Magnesium Deficiency –Eat Dark green leafy vegetables as they are good source of magnesium ,include these in your diet as too little magnesium may trigger headache Nuts-like pistachio, almonds, walnuts, peanuts-One study suggest that eating nuts may reduce acute stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Make sure quantity should be limited as they are rich in calories too. Dark chocolate-Just a bite might have the power to regulate stress level  ,the antioxidant in cocoa trigger the wall of blood vessel to relax and improve circulation,70% cocoa will do great work during stress.    

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