Dt. Hemali Kapadia

Nutritionist/ Dietician, , India


About Me

A Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator and Yoga Instructor by profession, I,  believe in giving simple, customized and health enhancing lifestyle modifications to my clients contrasting the current trend of attaining beefed up muscles & svelte figures without sweating it out and following fad diets.

I aim at a holistic approach for better health rather than rapid change over & use my motivational skills to get one in the state of good physical and mental health.

In a career spanning a decade, I have worked with leading corporate, endocrinologists, weight loss centres, gyms and in the process she has dealt with people from all walks of life, viz. students, corporate clients, gym enthusiasts, diabetics, patients with hormonal imbalances, marathon runners, etc.

Besides prescribing diets, my interests and experience ranges from writing health articles and recipes, assessing cafeterias and conducting workshops on health, diet and yoga.

My mission and vision is to see and make everyone around me healthy-by mind, body and soul.

My Blogs

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    Sample Blog Post

    By: Hemali Kapadia

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