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I, Dietitian Vibhuti Sharma have the passion to help you achieve weight loss and health goals, with 3 years of experience including Intership at Max SuperSpeciality Hospital,St.Stephen's Hospital ,Delhi India. "Being a nutritionist, I love and promote optimal nutrition i.e. balanced diet". Online diet plans/charts are available and online diet consultation is provided.

This experienced online diet consultant says "I have 2 years work experience of diet clinic ( Dr. Shikha's Nutrihealth Systems in Delhi ) to serve people who want to achieve their health and fitness goals in the safe and natural way through balanced diet and nutrition. I provide customized online diet plans for weight loss, controlling obesity, diabetes, thyroid, stress, beauty/skin glow and other therapeutic disorders.

Whether you are remote, on a tight schedule, having a medical problem or just too lazy to visit my clinic, you can still avail my diet services ONLINE!

"It has always been my dream to create and promote good health and fitness through good food. My aim is to guide, educate and motivate my patients about how healthy eating can contribute in bringing health, wealth and happiness together in their lifestyle."

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    Shades of Red...

    By: Vibhuti Sharma

    Excessive tiredness, pale conjunctiva of eyelids, edema of feet and spooning of nails are some of the clinical shades of the anemia which are being neglected by us in day to day hectic schedules. Worldwide the prevalence of anemia is of about 30 % with the higher rates in developing countries, indicated by WHO stats. Anemia is widespread deficiency which can be seen in all the age groups and genders. It has also been documented more in women, infants and children than in men and adults. Severe anemia is more frequently seen in people who exhibit signs associated with deficiencies of calories, proteins, vitamins and mineral. Anemia can occur because of some deficient nutrition intakes like %u2013 Iron, Folate, Vitamin B complex , protein . Excess Intake of tea and coffee can also inhibit the absorption of these nutrients leading to anemia. Hence it can be said that the underlying or the basic cause of anemia is inadequate diet in quantity or quality. So a good check should be maintained that a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals should be consumed. Once the anemia is developed there is need for supplementation. Diet to avoid the Nutrition Anemia can include the following the food-  Spinach %u2013 leafy vegetable help in preventing the anemia. It is a good source of calcium, vitamin A B9, E and C, Iron, Fiber and Beta- Carotene. Tomatoes- Vitamin C is the main nutrient of tomatoes along with lycopene, which improves the absorption of iron. Eggs- Egg is a rich source of protein and contains a lot of antioxidants as well as it is the good source of iron. Nuts- A handful of roasted peanut help in preventing the anemia. Nuts are the great source of iron and will boost the iron levels in the body very easily. Pistachio nuts are the best source of iron. Honey- Honey is contains a good amount of iron. Peaches , Prunes and Raisin- Peaches , prunes and raisin are found to be the rich source of iron Apples and Dates- The Vitamin C in the Apple helps the body to absorb iron. Dates also contain high quantities of iron.  Long-term Anemia can lead to depression and make an individual susceptible to Infection. So keep a check on quality of diet and stay away from anemia.

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    HOW TO EAT YOUR VITAMINS AND MINERALS WITHOUT POPPING PILLS? -From A (i.e.-Vitamin A) to Z (i.e. -Mineral zinc)

    By: Vibhuti Sharma

    Why? The spark to write this note raised when my sister Swati Sharma asked me - can anyone take multivitamins ? are they healthy? are self-sufficient in combatting the daily nutrient requirement ? do they work for good health?  In this fast placed world, everyone is looking for a quick solution to everything, pop a pill, get a placebo effect and carry on your day. Not to say that they are cheating you%u2026.sure they do have the ingredients that are known to reduce those health concerns. But is that enough to compensate a healthy meal? Or Can they replace a healthy meal? Normal, wholesome food that we eat everyday completes all our needs. Everyone by now knows the proteins, carbs and fats. It%u2019s the understanding of the other nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients%u2014as they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They support bones, heal wounds, and boost immune system. They also convert food into energy, and repair damage even at cellular level. Together Vitamin and Mineral helps in the synthesis of collagen, which provides integrity, firmness and elasticity keeping the skin healthy.  Here are some low-down on which letter does what, from A (that is, Vitamin A) to Z (or - zinc), just to have a overall idea their funtioning and their procurement from the market:   VITAMIN A GOOD FOR: Healthy eyes and general growth and development, including healthy teeth and skin. NATURAL SOURCE: Carrots and other orange foods including sweet potato and cantaloupe melons %u2013 all of which get their hue from the carotene pigment.  B VITAMINS GOOD FOR: Energy production, immune function and iron absorption. NATURAL SOURCE: This crucial group of nutrients can be found in whole unprocessed foods, specifically whole grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, beans.. VITAMIN C GOOD FOR: Strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity, anti-oxidant function and iron absorption.   NATURAL SOURCE: Everyone knows this one %u2013 Oranges! But they're not the only source %u2013 other fruits and veggies packed with Vitamin C include guava, Indian Gooseberry, red and green peppers, kiwi, grapefruits, strawberries, Brussels sprouts and cantaloupe. VITAMIN D GOOD FOR: Strong healthy bones. NATURAL SOURCE: Apart from spending a few minutes out in the sun, which stimulates Vitamin D production, one can get this nutritional must from eggs, fish and mushrooms. VITAMIN E GOOD FOR: Blood circulation, and protection from free radicals. NATURAL SOURCE: Our favorite Vitamin E-rich food is the mighty almond. We can also fill up on other nuts, sunflower seeds and tomatoes to reap the benefits. VITAMIN K GOOD FOR: Blood coagulation %u2013 that is, the process by which your blood clots. NATURAL SOURCE: Leafy greens are the best natural sources of Vitamin K %u2013 so make sure you're eating lots of kale, spinach, lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. FOLIC ACID GOOD FOR: Cell renewal and preventing birth defects in pregnancy. NATURAL SOURCE: There are plenty of scrumptious natural sources of folic acid, including dark leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, citrus fruits, beans, peas, lentils, seeds, nuts, cauliflower, beets and CALCIUM GOOD FOR: Healthy teeth and bones. NATURAL SOURCE: This mineral is another one that most of us already know - the best sources are dairy products like ragi, yogurt, cheese and milk, along with tofu. CHROMIUM GOOD FOR: Glucose function %u2013 making sure every cell in your body gets energy as and when needed. NATURAL SOURCE: As long as your diet contains servings of whole grains, barley, fresh vegetables and herbs IRON GOOD FOR: Building muscles naturally and maintaining healthy blood. NATURAL SOURCE: You might be surprised to know that clams take the top spot for iron content, followed by oysters and organ meats like liver. For the vegetarians among us, soybeans, cereal, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils and spinach are great sources of iron. ZINC GOOD FOR: Immunity, growth and fertility. NATURAL SOURCE: Seafood  like oysters are also zinc-rich, along with spinach, cashews, beans and %u2013 wait for it %u2013 dark chocolate. Note to end is: Eat well, eat the carbs, fats and proteins. Eat the leafy greens and fruits to get your vitamins and minerals. Soak yourself in the sun, or simply play outdoors to get your Vitamin D to help in the absorption of Calcium. Eat a rainbow meal to get all nutrients.Balance your meals." If you truly need some help, reach out to dietician to guide you on what to eat, rather than fill up your beside with all those pills, which are hardly giving you the benefit you need.  

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