Dt. Chaitali Wavhal

Dietitian in Worli, Parel, Dadar ,Mumbai, , India


About Me

Dt.Chaitali has completed her master's degree in Foods,Nutrition and Dietetics from University Of Mumbai from College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan. She completed her internship in K.E.M hospital, Mumbai. She also completed 10 months certificate course as Diabetes Educator.  

Her goal is to make you aware & understand the healthy food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

She belives in a fact, that every human being is unique and their nutritional needs changes during every stage of their life. She understand her customer's needs & make a customized & homely diet plan, which will help them to achive there desired goal.

Her Diet plans are desiged to provide you solutions for:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight Management ( Weight Loss & Weight Gain)
  • Blood Pressure Management
  • Lifestyle Disorders
  • Inborn Errors
  • Cholesterol management & the list goes on...

So, Let's take a Leap towards a Healthier life with Nutry Leap!!!


My Blogs

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    Connect Mind and Stomach to keep healthy body weight.

    By: Chaitali Wavhal

                    Weight loss diet does not mean skipping meals or avoiding food. Weight loss diet should go as normal healthy diet as per person's requirements. To keep healthy weight, we have to eat small frequent meals.  As i seen people skipping meals in overweight or obese category more in numbers. By skipping meals you're not giving what your body's requirement is. If you skip meals your body will search for fuel to do external work so first fuel will be carbohydrate, protein and then fat, but if all this will be taken by body as a fuel to work then body will have no fuel to do internal work for brain, muscles, maintaining hormones, etc . Therefore eating 2 or 3 large meals a day, you should eat 5-6 small meals with frequency.              Even the research showed that people who are skipping breakfast are obese or overweight rather than people having breakfast. While eating you should be able to connect your mind to your stomach, then only you will be eating how much your own body requirement is, and you won't end up having large meals or overeating.  

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    Say NO to common cold & fever!!!

    By: Chaitali Wavhal

    Lemon water every day may keep you away from common cold , recurrent viral infections. Lemon is good source of Vitamin C which plays an important role in immunity. It actually work as immunity stimulator, also helps in regeneration of other antioxidants like Vit E. Vitamin C is also known for health of teeths and gums. it also provides absorption of iron from diet. After having this you may feel energetic, fresh.    so why can't we start 1 glass of lemon water every day as immunity booster.  

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    Suffering from PCOD?

    By: Chaitali Wavhal

    PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease)/ PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).In normal condition, the ovaries make female sex hormones and a tiny amount of male sex hormones( androgens). which help regulate the normal development of eggs in the ovaries during each menstrual cycle. PCOS is related to an imbalance in these sex hormones. In PCOS, they start producing slighlty more androgens. In PCOD, the eggs in these follicles do not mature and are not released from the ovaries rather, they form very small cysts in the ovary, therefore it is name as polycystic ovaries disease.  Unhealthy eating pattern, modified lifestyle or we can say a busy stressfull lifestyle is one of the major cause for PCOD, to treat this problem it is important to seek the Qualified healthcare such as Doctor & Dietitian as soon as PCOD is diagnosed.  Weight gain is a common symptom experienced with irregular menstrual cycle along with many other health issues such as high insulin levels, excess body and facial hair growth.  To fight with PCOD, healthy lifestyle modification is important. Main key is healthy diet, regular physical activity & maintaining a healthy weight as per individual body type advice by Dietitian..    

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