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'There's no diet that will do what healthy eating does'. Going by the same principle I believe healthy eating is the way of life and not just a temporary phase. A dietitian and certified diabetes educator by qualification, I strongly believe in not just giving out a diet plan but empowering the person to choose wisely for himself. Striving to provide a quality, sustainable and holistic approach towards well-being, that actually works! 

Dietician Swati Bhandary is a nutritionist based in Ajmera Road, Pimpri, Pune, India. Online Nutritionist Swati Bhandary is a weight loss diets expert in Pune. She is helping people to reach to their health related goals with her healthy diets & lifestyle.Online Dietitian Swati Bhandary provides weight loss diet consultations online. Online diet consultation, customised online diet plans, personalised Diet chart are provided for services like fast and Healthy Weight Loss, Healthy Weight Gain, control and manage diabetes , Healthy Online Diabetic Diet, Weight Loss for kids, Healthy Heart Diet, Online diet, Child nutrition, Postnatal diet, Therapeutic diet and other disease management. 

In this fast-paced, high-stress society, where everything going online, why not the diet? My e clinic; %u2019%u2019 Health Spout by Dietitian Swati Bhandary " helps you attain optimal health by online diet plans and motivating diet counselling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tommorow!  She is one of the best Dietitians in Pune.

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Nutritionist Swati's Bhandary major area for diet counseling is therapeutic diets, weight gain, weight loss, diabetes,antenatal diet, pre and post natal program,Kids diet, therapeutic diet, heart related problems specially pertaining to cholesterol. With a right diet a 100 % reversal can be brought down where the blood sugar level can be completely controlled for a better and disease free life.

Online Diet Consultant Swati's Bhandary diets aims at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment, with long term results and benefits. Lets make life better by bringing in a total lifestyle change!!%u200B

Email & phone consultation is also provided. If you're looking to consult best dietitian inAjmera Road, Pimpri, Pune, then do register on this eClinic.

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    5 good reasons to have a healthy breakfast

    By: Swati Bhandary

    It might be surprising, but the old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day is true. During a busy morning, it's easy to let breakfast fall low in your list of priorities, but taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference to your day. Breakfast provides many benefits to our health and wellbeing. Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast - that's where its name originates, breaking the fast!  Without breakfast you are effectively running on empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol!  Not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. 5 good reasons to have your breakfast: 1.It gives you a mental edge: Breakfast restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function.  Many studies have shown how eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration and it can also make you happier as it can improve mood and lower stress levels. It might enhance attention, and the speed of processing information, reasoning, creativity, learning, and verbal abilities. In studies amongst children, breakfast can improve attainment, behaviour and has also been linked to improved grades.  Just like any other organ in the body, the brain needs energy to work at its best. 2. It gets you moving Studies have established that people who ate breakfast were more physically active during the day than those who didn%u2019t. This might be because a temporary increase in blood sugar gave them more energy. It%u2019s interesting to note that those who ate a morning meal consumed more calories over the course of the day than the breakfast skippers%u2014but they didn%u2019t gain weight because they were more active. 3. It helps keep your weight down Many studies, in both adults and children, have shown that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than breakfast skippers. Why? One theory suggests that eating a healthy breakfast can reduce hunger throughout the day, and help people make better food choices at other meals. While it might seem you could save calories by skipping breakfast, this is not an effective strategy. Typically, hunger gets the best of breakfast-skippers, and they eat more at lunch and throughout the day. 4. It helps protect your heart Many studies have concluded that breakfast skippers tend to overeat at other meals and snack excessively throughout the day. Also, skipping breakfast may lead to one or more risk factors, including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, which may in turn lead to heart ailments like coronary heart disease over time. 5. It might lower your risk of type II diabetes A morning meal may help you avoid fluctuating glucose levels, which can lead to diabetes. According to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, men who leave the house in the morning without eating have a 21 per cent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So, eat a healthy breakfast and shine all day!  

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