Dt. Pratibha Choudhary

Nutritionist in Alaknanda, Delhi, Delhi, India


About Me

Slimming Secrets established in 2008 with a motto to serve society achieve their health and weight loss goals . Dietician Pratibha works towards the goals of creating awareness regarding weight management and healthy eating. Having had experience of 10 years Dt. Pratibha has been vigorously working in the field of weight management, therapeutic diets, designing diets in accordance to blood groups and various other factors. 

She has a vast experience in convincing and handling people to lose weight and control other associated diseases through motivated councilling.

Slimming secrets is grown in terms of clientle in short span of time, the growth has been entirely through word of mouth and faith of clients .

Presently Dt. Pratibha is providing services to the dedicated clients not only in Delhi but globaly through web. 

My Blogs

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    By: Pratibha Choudhary

    Moringa the miracle tree  or drumstick tree or horse raddish tree is the most efficient , affordable , easy and accessible solution to combat malnitrition. In Ayurveda it is considered as one of the most valuable and useful plants .. Moringa leaves contain  2 times the protein of yoghurt 7 times the vitamin C of orange  3 times the potassium of banana 4 times vitamin A of carrot4 times the calcium of milk Moringa leaves are rich in fibre content , which makes it very effective when it comes to reducing carvings ,this enables a dieter to stick to a healthy diet that will help him / her to lose weight. it helps one consuming fewer calories while ensuring that body burns more calories in the course of day ... Moringa can be consumed in form of tea or juice or a smoothie Moringa tea makes an excellent energy drink , the tea is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that will help boost your energy levels .Moringa tea can be prepared by steeping a handfull of dried moringa leaves in hot water . Dried moringa leaves create a refreshing and nutritious energy boost      Moringa juice can be prepared in a blender by adding 1  teaspoon if  fresh moringa leves with a glass of water. We can even add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 a lemon to enhance the taste

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