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Dietician Shivani Kamra is a nutritionist based in Sector 57, Gurgaon, India. Nutritionist Shivani Kamra is a weight loss diets expert. She is helping people to reach to their health related goals with her healthy diets & lifestyle. Dietitian Shivani Kamra provides weight loss diet consultations online. Online diet consultation, customised online diet plans, personalised Diet chart are provided for services like fast and healthy weight loss, healthy weight gain, control and manage diabetes , healthy online diabetic diet,weight loss for kids, diet for pregnant women, post pregnancy weight loss, renal diet, classic mat pilates, diet for athlletes, healthy lifestyle program and other disease management.

Dietitian Shivani Kamra, a Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Diabetic Educator have the passion to help you deal with Excess weight, Metabolic disorders. I have worked with VLCC as a Dietitian and have my own setup in delhi. Currently i am working in Gurgaon as a Nutritionist Consultant and Health blogger. I have even worked part time in many gyms and provided my service to the clients. I aim in providing diets which are nutritious and healthy. I do not believe in Crash Diets and Mono Diets.

 Dietician Shivani Kamra provide customized online diet plans for weight loss, controlling obesity, diabetes, thyroid, stress, beauty/skin glow and other therapeutic disorders.

Nutritionist Shivani Kamra believe in practise what you preach. I was an obese myself with a weight of 108kgs. Following a proper diet pattern and exercise routine i was able to lose 50kgs of weight in 9 months. From that day till today, i have been motivating people and helping them lose weight and live a healthy life.

In this fast-paced, high-stress society, where everything going online, why not the diet? My e clinic; %u2019%u2019 The Healthy me by Dietitian Shivani Kamra " helps you attain optimal health by online diet plans and motivating diet counselling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tommorow!  She is one of the best Dietitians in Gurgaon. 

Looking for top online weight loss diet in Sector 57, Gurgaon, or a Dietician in Sector 57, Gurgaon? Interested in excellent weight loss service online or in Sector 57, Gurgaon? Then contact famous weight loss diet consultant Diet Specialist Shivani Kamra .

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Nutritionist Shivani's Kamra major area for diet counseling is therapeutic diets, weight gain, weight loss, diabetes, pre and post natal program, diet for glowing skin, diet for pcos, heart related problems specially pertaining to cholesterol. With a right diet a 100 % reversal can be brought down where the blood sugar level can be completely controlled for a better and disease free life.

Diet Consultant Shivani's Kamra diets aims at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment, with long term results and benefits. Lets make life better by bringing in a total lifestyle change!!%u200B

Email & phone consultation is also provided. If you're looking to consult best dietitian in Sector 57, Gurgaon, then do register on this eClinic.

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    By: Shivani Kamra

    Every ones favorite season, the rainy season. You get relief from sweat and hot weather and excuses to sip hot tea and enjoy savory snacks. As the rains pours down, it becomes difficult to step out to walk or to go gym and this is why you tend to put on extra kilos. In rainy season, there are increased cases of FLU, COLD and COUGH. This is mainly caused by humidity and change in climate.  If you take care of few simple tips it can `prevent you from getting infected during monsoon and even help you in not gaining weight. The main culprit in Monsoon is unhygienic outside food. You should not eat outside during rainy season as it can cause flu and cold because the immune system gets weak during monsoons, so chances of getting infected are more. Do not over eat! Yes everyone loves eating fried snacks during monsoon and this ultimately leads to weight gain. So, keep an eye on what you are eating, because what you give to your body is what you will get back. Include immunity boosters in your diet. For example, Citrus Fruits like Orange, Lime, Lemon, Gooseberry, Yogurt, Sweet Potato, Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric. Chances of getting infected by Water-Borne disease like Typhoid, Dysentery is also very common. So boil the Water before drinking it and do not eat food which is cooked in unhygienic conditions. Wash vegetables and fruits before consuming. Try to eat cooked food and avoid raw vegetables during this period. Drink Herbal Tea as they are rich in Antioxidants and boosts immunity. Avoid excessive intake of Tea and Coffee. Tea and Coffee dehydrates the body, so keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

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    Detox for Weight Loss

    By: Shivani Kamra

    Detoxification is a process what our body does naturally to get rid of the harmful toxins in the body. It helps in balancing the acid-base balance of the body and maintaining normal functioning of the body. Liver is the organ responsible of removing toxins of the body through Detoxification. Liver acts as a filter for removing toxins and harmful bacteria which is further excreted out of the kidneys by filtration process. As you brush your teeth regularly and keep yourself clean, it is similarly important to even cleanse your body through the detoxification process. We are exposed to more toxins than our body is designed to handle. Detox is basically a program or diet which is for a short term. In Detox, Calories are restricted. Alcohol, Caffeine, Spices, Meat, Milk, Wheat and Fats are also restricted. Generally, raw vegetables, Juices are allowed. Fibre and Fluid in these helps in removing metabolic wastes out of the body. You can easily follow this simple detox drink which helps in weight loss,   1Litre Water 1 Cucumber 2-3 Small Lemons 10-12 Mint leaves

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    Guilt-Free Healthy Burger

    By: Shivani Kamra

    What are these Guilt Free- Healthy Burgers? Burgers which are loaded with vegetables and are low in fat, highly nutritious and tempting at the same time. They help you prevent your cravings of junk food along with making it easy to achieve your beach body. This is the best way to enjoy guilt free snacks during evening time. It is healthy because we are not using Maida Buns which are high in starch, instead we are using high fiber whole wheat buns. We are avoiding cheese in this burger but you won%u2019t miss the taste of cheese, we have something in house for that. One more reason to call these burgers healthy is that we aren%u2019t deep frying the cutlets. They are only roasted on non-stick tawa (griddle). Method Grill whole wheat buns on a non-stick tawa on both the sides. For the Cutlets: Chop onion, garlic, coriander all together and mix it with boiled sprouts and paneer (cottage cheese) Add spices according to your taste and make round cutlets. Cook the cutlets on a non-stick tawa with 1 tsp oil. Cut slices of tomato, onion, lettuce leaves. For the Sauce: Take hung curd and mix coriander chutney into it and use this sauce for dressing in the burger. Place half bun on the plate and apply the hung curd sauce and toss it up with sliced vegetables and place the cutlet onto it. Serve with coriander chutney.          Ingredients      1 Whole wheat burger bun      2 slices of tomato      ? onion chopped      2 cloves garlic      2 slices of onion      Lettuce leaves     Boiled Sprouts (4-5 tbsp.)    50g Paneer (cottage cheese)    Hung curd (5 tbsp.)    Coriander Chutney    Coriander leaves    Salt and Pepper to taste

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