Dr. Ambika Niranjan

Nutritionist / Dietitian in Sec 119, Noida, Noida, India


About Me

You become what you eat... It is always 80% food and 20% exercise... Don't starve to be healthy, rather eat healthy to be healthy.... These are some of the fitness mantras which prove to be so very true. 

For someone who was obese to 95kgs at the age of 21 to a person who has been on a rough roller coaster to achieve the ideal weight and the best shape with a naturally radiant and glowing skin.

My journey to fight my obesity issues forced me to learn more and transform myself into a completely new and energetic me overloaded with confidence.

I have completed my Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Diet and Nutrition and Skin Therapy. 

A scientist by profession and a nutritionist by passion, I am always available for my clients through the best communication system possible to help them overcome their health issues, a stronger, energetic, confident and healtheir you full of positivity. 

Expertise in obesity, PCOD, PCOS, post pregnancy weight loss, thyroid, Diabetes Management and all the other disorders arising due to nutrition issues. 

You hire me as your nutritionist and I'll ensure that you reach your goals. I am also an expertise in online consultation available through skype or any other mode of communication, so that I can consult people at any places. 

My Blogs

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    Exam tips for students

    By: Ambika Niranjan

    As the month of March hits, so does the month of Exams. So, sharing here a few tips useful for both parents and students, to beat the anxiety of examination, combat this part of stress and pass this time smoothly. So, following are the tips: 1. Remember to start your days with fruits always. This helps in improving the concentration, both in class and during examination. 2. Never skip your breakfast and always chose the tradition Indian breakfast made at home, like poha, paratha, upma, etc. These will keep you alert and productive all day through. 3. Try and carry portable and easy to eat meals in your bag when going for classes. They can be peanuts, makhane, channe, sprouts, fruits, laddu or chikki. You can snack them when you get packed between lectures. 4. When you have to stay up late for study, you can have chapati with ghee and jaggery (gud), fruit milkshake or grilled sandwich.  5. It is advised to avoid chips, biscuits, processed packed foods, soft drinks during exams. Rather, eat the foods that you are familiar with. This will help with better memory.  6. Avoiding green leafy vegetables, sprouts, poha, amla, lemon can cause iron deficiency in the body which is medically termed as anaemia. 7. The night before exam, opt for rice based meal like kichadi, curd rice, dal rice with ghee. These foods are ideal to keep you satisfied and keeps the anxiety under control. 8. Prepare healthy snacks in the evening instead of junk and street food like, sprouts chaat, chana chaat, paneer salad, egg salad, vegetable poha etc. 9. Do opt for healthy options while eating out with friends after exam, like chose Indian cuisine instead of pizzas and burgers. 10. Include foods like walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, coconut, pumkin seeds, figs, fruits. These are the best brain foods you can include in your diet. 11. Watching TV, mobile, laptops, tabs while having food interferes with the absorption of good nutrients in the body. Say no to gadgets 60 minutes before going to bed. 12. Exercise 150 mins per week.  13. Keep yourself and your kid hydrated always. Do carry a water bottle along.  14. In the end, make sure that you get enough sound sleep during the exams.  These habits formed by you now, will go with you forever.  Good luck for your exams.

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